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Artificial Intelligence and Lean Six Sigma

Project Assistance

Machine Learning | Natural Language Processing | Computer Vision | Intelligent Robotics

Enhanced Cybersecurity | Human-Machine Interaction | Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis

The vast potential of Artificial Intelligence can be integrated to improve efficiency, productivity and innovation in a wide range of fields, including continuous improvement and Lean Six Sigma, where it can be used to optimize processes, reduce waste, improve quality and customer satisfaction.

AI LSS Minimalism.heic

Included in Six Sigma Training

Our training contains A.I. Assistance for all DMAIC phases and the 28 steps according to the ISO 13053 standard that covers from requests for general support to detailed topics such as the application of a specific tool to obtain the solved method, as well as the interpretation and recommendations of its adoption.

From the Green Belt training.

Master Class on I.A. applied to Continuous Improvement

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AI & Lean Six Sigma
IA & Lean Six Sigma

A.I. Engines most used...

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