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Lean & Six Sigma

Business Processes Optimization 
& Lean Operations

Did you know that...

...For each person certified in Lean Six Sigma, our companies achieve on average US$50,000 to US$250,000 of annual savings for more effective and efficient processes 

and 5% more Net Profit per annual program?

Certify yourself too!

Compare the training content of the best academies in the world


Contenido de Entrenamiento


Training Contents

Did you know that...

Average Salaries:

Lean Six Sigma White Belt:

          Annual Average Salary: USD 15,500 - USD 23,500

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt:

          Annual Average Salary: USD 24,800 - USD 32,000

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt:

          Annual Average Salary: USD 42,400 - USD 56,000

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt:

          Annual Average Salary: USD 65,400 - USD 83,600

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt - Center of Excellence/Continuous Improvement Division:

          Annual Average Salary: USD 85,500 - USD 105,000

*Source:  Consultants and surveys BMS & Variexa - 2003-2024

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